First Name Last Name Project Title Duration Country of Origin
Sharon Burrell Drop 15 Pages United Kingdom
Kay Adshead Teratoma 10 Pages United Kingdom
Toby Smith The Cutting Room 3 Pages United Kingdom
Patrik Krivanek Muddy Shoes 110 Pages United Kingdom
ASB Productions The Other Half Script 13 Pages United Kingdom
philip halmarack After The Fall 90 Pages United Kingdom
Eva Boiro But Naked 8 Pages France
Enzo Yeung Hollywood Romance 102 Pages United Kingdom
Cécile Vernant Ziva 29 Pages France
Charles Dewandeler Bowling For Love 92 Pages United States
Luke Anthony Walker Wealdmount House 107 Pages United Kingdom
Junxuan Yin Melody Before Dinner 6 Pages United Kingdom
chen long The Magical Adventures of Captain "Titan" (movie script) 50 Pages United States
Jeff Edmond The Secret Life Of Jake Edwards 54 Pages United States
Zahra Sadeghi ice cream United States
Jillian Smart Moonwalking 100 Pages Canada
Noel Kearns A Broken Soldier 112 Pages United Kingdom
Joseph Zarek The Devil Pulls the Strings 49 Pages United States
Ariya Rajeev Winter 6 Pages United Kingdom
Emile Lacheny One Night 91 Pages France
Louise Monaghan CALATHEA 13 Pages United Kingdom
Thomas Yazar BEHIND THE DOOR 148 Pages France
Liza Vinogradova A Sound So Familiar 15 Pages France
James Fitzmaurice A Cavendish Discovery of Witchraft 4 Pages United Kingdom
Kieran Houston A Canny Lad 100 Pages United Kingdom
Victoria Quin-Harkin "The World Service" excerpt from Manners For The Modern Memsahib "Antipasti" 6 Pages United Kingdom
Susan Blanch After Greenham 105 Pages United Kingdom
Joseph Anthony Francis Closet Cases 27 Pages United States
Christian Bruyere The War Within Her 108 Pages Canada
Ian Ifield Driftwood 97 Pages United Kingdom
Charlotte Pathe To My Bones 25 Pages United Kingdom
Sophie Neville A Boy Called Freddie 103 Pages United Kingdom
Robin De Vernon Ryding Fatherhood 15 Pages United Kingdom
Craig Peters The 49th Day 104 Pages United States
Ernestina Juarez SOUTH WIND COME 108 Pages United States
William Clark Winslow's Warranty 94 Pages United States
Spencer Lynn WHAT I'D GIVE YOU 25 Pages United States
Karen Harvey-Dewey Lady of the Rose--a Musical Odyssey 80 Pages United States
Michelle Taubman The Green Mill 115 Pages United States
Judy Brulo Revenge of the Servants of the Gods 120 Pages United Kingdom
Christina Raines The Shame We Share 108 Pages United States
Edward Field Things They Say of Me 24 Pages United Kingdom
Hugo Andre Happy as Larry 83 Pages United Kingdom
Peter Gartner . A Sense Of Security 70 Pages United Kingdom
Patricia Fox La Hacienda 90 Pages United States
Andrew Connor Almost Dead Pilot Episode 28 Pages United Kingdom
Chad Hutson Good News Gary 106 Pages United States
Kostan Chess Cut the Cord: The Hedgehog’s Leap 114 Pages Russian Federation
Ali Kiani Reviving the Rileys 103 Pages United States
Marine Puel The Academy of Kings 134 Pages France
Sam Vaghani Beyond the Basin 128 Pages United States
paul larsen CODSWALLOP 102 Pages United States
Oleg Condrea Tangled Tails 5 Pages Moldova, Republic of
Tim Cairns Maybe today, maybe tomorrow, maybe never. 16 Pages United States
Julian Chomet FITTING IN 57 Pages United Kingdom
Sam Daysh Baby Teeth 17 Pages United Kingdom
Roger Wilson-Crane Certified 61 Pages United Kingdom
Tom Blackburn Farloth 59 Pages United Kingdom
Lucas Reinke Smiley Face 15 Pages United Kingdom
Charlotte Creed The Apple 10 Pages United Kingdom
Karolis Jankus Feelings 66 Pages Lithuania
Yue Zhang Power of Man 33 Pages China
Brian Luff Muddleton 128 Pages United Kingdom
Christine Longoria Baby Mine 15 Pages United States
Horatio Tihanyi Krazy Dead 94 Pages United States
Steven Hart Overwhelming Darkness 105 Pages United Kingdom
Carl Reed Tellers-Pilot Episode 53 Pages United Kingdom
Sophie Neville THE MEETING HOUSE 97 Pages United Kingdom
Paul Mears The School Run 135 Pages United Kingdom
Paul Mears The School Run 135 Pages United Kingdom
Mia Rivera Take This Faux Turkey and Shove It! 10 Pages United States
Will Landon A Wonderful School 132 Pages United Kingdom
Francesco ZampaGenò Poggi Bearothic Dinner 10 Pages Italy
James Oden Bane of the Magi 30 Pages United States
Nicolas Avrand The Dolomites 103 Pages France
Shalina Casey The Best Death. 97 Pages United Kingdom
Delta Star Pictures Inc. Script "Joachim and the Apocalypse" 72 Pages Italy
Shriman Anand INT. Writer 25 Pages India
Matt MacBride The Ravening 66 Pages United Kingdom
Anthony Marinelli Life Sucks 95 Pages United States
Jessica Wolf Woman of Stone 23 Pages United Kingdom
Vincent Aleman The Epic of Gilgamesh 112 Pages United States
Helen Rana Shelley Can't Sing 84 Pages United Kingdom
VP Evans Aris 65 Pages United States
Anthony Miller Summers End 90 Pages United States
Miriam Pinedo All For Blood 12 Pages United States


First Name Last Name Project Title Duration Country of Origin
Patrick Bailey Just Talk 10 Pages United Kingdom
Shuqi Chen UNCONDITIONAL LOVE 91 Pages China
J. P. Johnston Oberlin 112 Pages United States
Joseph Anthony Francis Cortland Parkway 50 Pages United States
Joseph Anthony Francis Christmas Conundrum 97 Pages United States
Joseph Anthony Francis Majesty 41 Pages United States
Joseph Anthony Francis Family Cellars 46 Pages United States
Joseph Anthony Francis Dash Away All 116 Pages United States
Joseph Anthony Francis The Genesis Project 45 Pages United States
Joseph Anthony Francis Home For Christmas 98 Pages United States
Joseph Anthony Francis Single At Christmas 111 Pages United States
Joseph Anthony Francis CROWN POINT 56 Pages United States
Joseph Anthony Francis Windy City 55 Pages United States
EK Gaylord RESERVOIR 66 Pages United States
Elena Rubtsova Dream Prisoners 00:12:43 Czech Republic
Alla Kolmanovsky Spellbinding 27 Pages United States
Robert Kouba Machliar 89 Pages Switzerland
Bryan Farrell Joe Strummer's Cadillac 100 Pages United States
Evy Papadopoulos The Ass' Head 109 Pages Australia
Jeff Gendelman HEADWIND 110 Pages United States
Pedro Miranda LET THEM FALL 125 Pages Portugal
Dion Marcos Survivor 15 Pages Ireland