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Supposed to be
Dr. Beth-Anne Blue 
// 86 pages


In purgatory after an attempt to take her own life, a young woman must decide if her life is worth fighting for with the help of an unlikely healer.

Desperate Measures
Helen Rana // 135 pages


At thirty-seven, with the ancestral home falling down around his ears, amenable English Lord Jake is obliged to search for a suitable, wealthy bride who can keep the family estate afloat. Unfortunately, he’s deeply in love with the skint, radical black activist L’Wren, who makes him keep their relationship secret to avoid being seen as a race and class traitor. His friend’s assistant Zola sets him up with an assortment of rich singletons, whilst falling for him herself. And some of his dates have other, more unpleasant things in mind...

Dreams are but shadows

Larisa Vödisch-Nikitina //
 26 pages


Three thieves create plans for making big money.

The Fallen

Mark Ramsey // 45 pages

In the fantasy world of Angels, demons and all things mythical it sees a ferocious war rage between the heaven’s armies and the demon lord Satan. In this epic fantasy we see Michael test the might of himself and has to regain Gods faith in order to find the missing Fallen angels and deliver them the justice they deserve but things go wrong and Michael is forced into a place, nobody dare to end up, not even a powerful angel. In this mythical land, painted with farms of Lavender, everyone hides a sin or two. How can such an elegant flower survive in such a harsh place. Well, people need to make a living. Lavender is the lifeblood of these inhabitants; it is the heart of this world. With faith comes the ability to perform miracles.

The Fighting First

Alex Peter Stephens // 130 pages


An interwoven story of a young Army officer leading his men through the harrowing battles of WWII and his 14-year-old son, 32 years later, wrestling with understanding his ailing father's past and the changing world around him.


DeAndre Harris //93 pages


Stuck in a coma, Lorenzo creates a dream world where he tries to escape with the help of his friends before they all get stuck there and relive the events that unfold.

The Beginning of the Rest of your Life

Margot Pitts // 118 pages


Lucy is an overworked, exhausted, and unhappy woman in her early 20s living in NYC. She feels as though her life post-college is repetitive and dull and is struggling to find her purpose. On one particularly wild evening, Lucy reaches her breaking point and overdoses on a combination of drugs. She wakes up in the hospital and is surprised to see both her parents there. She spends the weekend at home with her family. Her father promises her that he will attend a concert with her weekly to get her spirits up. When she returns to NYC she is given a second chance at life and explores new romance, exciting prospects at work, and attends concerts with her father. Lucy learns that your 20s are some of the most defining years in your life and it is important to be present during them.

The Christians - Earth's Cry Heaven's Smile

Tony Gioutsos // 120 pages


Log Line: Exploring the harrowing times of Christian persecution in history, a devoted present-day believer answers God’s call to greatness.

Pitch: The Passion of the Christ meets It’s a Wonderful Life

Hot Toddy
Scott Cox // 110 pages


An outlandish trash collector becomes a cult figure in the absurd world of darts in 1970's England. Inspired by actual events.

A Good Return
Helen Rana // 88 pages

Lilah’s had three strokes of luck in her life – rape, blackmail and being battered half to death by a VIP. Travelling to her Caribbean island home after seventeen years in London, she finds that life there has changed in her absence. Money's everything now. She needs to find a way to make a good return, and make things right with her family.

The Recital
Helen Louise Taylor // 113 pages

A former violin prodigy rekindles her love of music and finds the strength to overcome drug addiction and trace her abducted child.
Set in present day Venice, the story draws on motifs from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and bridges past and present through a violin once played by one of Vivaldi’s scholars and which now offers a chance for salvation to a young, destitute mother.

Gimme Shelter Part Three
Kevin O’Neal AKA Dave Davidson // 110 pages

This is a love, sex and action story. Officer Jack Bordowski is a Viet Nam Veteran who battles to reintegrate with society. When things get tough he turns to his wife Mary’s arms for comfort. Facing crime on the streets of New York and a lot of family disasters, this man needs a lot of shelter. This script contains descriptive sex and violence.


Kacy Boccumini // 33 pages

Tony Tranero is a Disco dancer at the end of an era, competing in a contest that could change the trajectory of his life. While preparing for this moment, he meets other dancers that are fighting their own battles that force him to confront the real politics of dancing - who gets to stand in the spotlight. Tony uses his privilege to even the playing field and invites all the dancers to a Battle Royale for a winner-take-all dance off that sets Queens ablaze.

The Shadow Falls

Clay Callender // 107 pages

A sweet-natured architect, his husband and their young daughter, face frightening consequences when he unwittingly unleashes a monstrous darkness that feeds on his long-repressed anger and pain to commit murderous acts of retribution, forcing him to confront the traumas of his past before it consumes him and destroys his young family.

ANTHONY FORD // 112 pages

When a Russian military experiment goes awry, then the Scottish Highlands is the perfect terrain to unleash a psychotic shapeshifter, with a vengeance.

Where the Leopards Dream

Fernando Paez (USA) // 121 pages

An American professor and his daughter must fight for their lives against threats both human and animal when they run afoul of an African warlord and an unusually predatory group of leopards.