Muddy Shoes (Patrik Krivanek, Laurie Weltz, UK)
Honorable Mention
Driftwood (Ian Field, UK)
Good News Gary (Chad Hutson, USA)

Grand Prix: Television Script – Pilot

Certified (Roger Wilson-Crane, UK)
Honorable Mention
Tellers (Carl Reed, UK)
Almost Dead Pilot Episode (Andrew David Connor, UK)

Grand Prix: Short Script (up to 40 pages)

CALATHEA (Louise Monaghan, UK)

Grand Prix: Super Short Script (up to 10 pages)

A Cavendish Discovery of Witchcraft (James Fitzmaurice, UK)
Honorable Mention
But Naked (Eva Lomby Boiro, France)
ice cream (Zahra Sadeghi, USA)

Grand Prix: First-Time Screenwriter (Feature)

A Boy Called Freddie (Sophie Rose Neville , UK)
Honorable Mention
After Greenham (Susan Blanch, UK)

Grand Prix: First-Time Screenwriter (Short)

IRENE (Valerio Pampaglini, Italy)
Honorable Mention
The Apple (Charlie Creed, UK)
Woman of Stone (Jessica Wolf, UK)
The Other Half Script (Olga Bogdan, UK)

Best Young Screenwriter (under 30y)

A Wonderful School (Will Landon, UK)
Honorable Mention
To My Bones (Charlotte Pathe, UK)

Best European Screenplay

Bearotic Dinner (Francesco Poggi, Italy)

Best American Screenplay

Baby Mine (Christine Longoria, USA)
Honorable Mention
Maybe today, maybe tomorrow, maybe never. (Tim Cairns, USA)

Best British Screenplay

Smiley Face (Lucas Reinke, UK)

Best Drama Screenplay

The Dolomites (Nicolas Avrand, France)
Honorable Mention
Life Sucks (Anthony Marinelli, USA)

Best Comedy Screenplay

Happy as Larry (Hugo André, UK)
Honorable Mention
Take This Faux Turkey and Shove It! (Mia Rivera, USA)

Best Horror Screenplay

A sound so Familiar (Elizaveta Vinogradova, France)

Best Feature Screenplay by a London screenwriter

The Best Death. (Shalina Casey, UK)
Honorable Mention
A Broken Soldier (Noel Kearns, UK)
The 49th Day (Craig Peters, USA)

Best Female Screenwriter

Moonwalking (Jillian Smart, Canada)

Best Male Screenwriter

Closet Case (Joseph Anthony Francis, USA)

Best Sci-Fi Screenplay

Beyond the Basin (Sam Patel Vaghani, USA)

Best Thriller Screenplay

Overwhelming Darkness (Steven Abel Hart, UK)

Best Historical Screenplay

Joachim and the Apocalypse (Jordan River, Michela Albanese, Andrea Tagliapietra, Valeria De Fraja, Italy)
Honorable Mention
The Meeting House (Sophie Rose Neville, UK)

Best War Screenplay

The Shame We Share (Christina Raines, USA)

Best Crimi Screenplay

All For Blood (Miriam Pinedo, USA)

Best Fantasy Screenplay

The Devil Pulls the Strings (Joseph Zarek, USA)
Honorable Mention
Bane of the Magi (James Oden, USA)
Farloth (Tom Blackburn, UK)