Official Selection

First Name Last Name Project Title Country of Origin
Jonathan Abel MacArthur and the UFOs United States
Anthony Patrick Hello GUYS ON SATURDAY NIGHT United States
Phoebe RT I'd Rather Die Canada
Eddie Yaroch Possum Man United States
Jing Xie A Summer's wave goodbye China
Sil Brook Winds of Transition United States
Peter Noel MONTGOMERY POE United Kingdom
Peter Noel CRAP... I'M HAVING A BABY! United Kingdom
Joe Boi Outer United States
Matt Mitchell Just Crawl United Kingdom
Stephen Floyd Bilious United States
Kevin Overton Carmine United States
Julie Miller Big Medicine Australia
Gavin McClenaghan City Of Rats Ireland
Balbeer Bahi STAR CHILDREN United Kingdom
Danny Alex LEGENDS United States
JD Wallace SPIES, LIES, and LOVERS United States
John Prather Someone Else's War United States
Mary Anzalone Have a Good Night United States
Joseph L Harrison SOUL'S ON FIRE United States
Megan Rigoni DAYS LIKE THESE Australia
Eddie Thompkins Bloodlines: The Mogadishu Diaries 1992-1993 United States
Korea Black Phantom United States
James Anthony A Nun And An Officer United States
ESONEFILMS PRODUCTION COMPANY The Diary Of Kate The Ripper United States
Hal Straus "Flower Child" United States
Balbeer Bahi BIRTH OF HER COOL United Kingdom
lacy mcclory Sins of Saints United States
Jaik Andino 2nd Date United States
Debra Montague Angel Eyes United States
Paul Root The Holy Ghost United States
ruth finnegan Betrothed, a Crusades Romance United Kingdom
David Hinds Taser United Kingdom
The Orrells Any Way You Like It! United States
Jarrett Bryant Summer Job United States
ruth finnegan No biscuits in heaven United Kingdom
David Gray Chelsea and Charles United States
Chris Fell Wendy Comes Home Austria
ROB TOBIN Non-Binary United States
Martin Tylicki Grounded United States
Debi McMartin Litten's Passion United States
Spencer Stephens Headlights Over Arizona Not Specified
Spencer Stephens Love, Cupid Not Specified
Kate Lockwood Aqua Tofana United States
Shira Zimbeck Listen Carefully United States
Lawrence Watson The Treacherous Border United States
Adrian Popa Daventure United States
Jermaine Jones The Jogger Park Predator United States
Chris Goodenough Dystopia United States
Fred G Stemme A Siren's Sweet Whisper United States
Laura Kemp Burn Pattern United States
Bruce Clark The Boy Scout Man (2021) Australia
Bruce Clark Hearing Australia
Vanterrius Westbrook Possessed Words United States
Kathryn Orzech Asylum United States
Martin Grigorov Natalie (Script) Bulgaria
Jorge Troncone Osorio The Quantum Dreamer United States
Patrick Donovan Project Abaddon: RISE OF THE DESTROYER United States
Gary St. Martin Driftwood United States
Ricky Hawthorne Myth United Kingdom
Brandon John David Williams Heroes Of The Sesh (Pilot Script) United Kingdom
Sid Kramer NOT AN EXIT United States
Frank McDonnell The Perfect Match United States
Max Orkis Veronica's Test United States
Asia Yen Headache United States
Dr. Beth-Anne Blue SUPPOSED TO BE United States
Janice Cowan The Russian Affair Canada
Dylan Arnow Nightmare at Camp Bloodbath United States
Anthony Ford Duty United Kingdom
Helen Rana One-Upmanship United Kingdom
Francesca Van Horne Two Sisters United States
Jacob Mulgrew Me and You. You and I. United Kingdom
Katherine Young Homeless Heroes United Kingdom
John Rice Last Chance Cafe United States
Isabella Bazoni The Eve of Parting United Kingdom
Sally Stubbs Centurions Canada
Deborah Kurtz Jesse James Gang Rides Again Canada
susannah ward The Voice United Kingdom
Yelitza Prada Breen Salt Beast Guardians United States
Eurydice Roman Graduation Day United States
Victoria Augustine The Ballet Murders United States
Vaughn Roste MYALL Canada
Fred Perry SWEETBREADS United States
Charlotte Brown Rise of the Accenniri - Part I United States
Anna Barzotti Jackie Q, I love you United Kingdom